Create & restore full VPS backups with a single click!

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Create Snapshots!

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Creating a snapshot is super simple with our VPS control panel, with a single click a full VPS snapshot is created which can be restored at any point of time once created!

Now Available!
Name Snapshots!

Naming a snapshot in CrownPanel to help make managing snapshots easier, Our panel now supports adding/setting names to Snapshots.

Now Available!
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Restore Snapshots

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Have an issue with your VPS after a system update? Lost a file? Simply restore the snapshot with a single click at our VPS control panel
[KVM] Restore Snapshots on your other VPSes

You can create a snapshot and restore it onto different [KVM] VPSes under your account as well, very useful for deploying multiple VPSes running the same software!

Coming Soon!
Delete Snapshots

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Don't need the snapshot any more? Sure, you can delete it as well!

Now Available!