Operating System's




*BSD & Windows

With a wide range of supported operating systems, you can run your operating system of choice on your VPS!

For a list of templates/ISO available by default,
KVM based plans OpenVZ based plans

Custom ISO
Wish to install Android on your VPS? The latest version of an operating system on day 1? or have a custom operating system you wish to install?
No problem! Send us a link of the ISO image and we'll mount it on your VPS/Server for install.

Create Snapshots!

Creating a snapshot is super simple with our VPS control panel, with a single click a full VPS snapshot is created which can be restored at any point of time once created!

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Easy (re)Install
VPS info

Select the operating system + version you wish to (re)install and done!

2Factor Authentication

Secure your account with 2Factor Authentication

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Setup with SSH Keys

Ability to use SSH Keys directly at the time of install allows for quick access to your VPS as well.

Learn how to add a SSH key here