Take control of your VPSes

What is CrownPanel ?

CrownPanel is our own creation to manage your VPSes in one place. We continue to build new features and optimize the panel. Having our own control panel gives us more flexibility. SolusVM has a lot of restrictions which we can bypass now. The main advantages of our panel are snapshots and SSH keys. See below for some more features and screenshots of our panel.


VPS info

View your live RAM, CPU, Disk, Bandwidth usage and other information about your VPS right from our panel!

Power Control

Start, Shutdown or Reboot your VPS with a single click in our panel!

power control


Creating/Restore/Destroy Snapshots as needed! You can even restore snapshots on other VPSes under your account!

SSH Key Support

Manage and add SSH Keys into your VPS so you can SSH into the VPS right away!

ssh key

one click reinstall
One-Click Operating System Reinstalls

Reinstall your VPSes with a single click in our panel!

rDNS Support

Built in rDNS Support in our control panel as well!

VPS info

one click reinstall
[KVM] HTML5 VNC Console

Need to access your VPSes console/desktop? Use our easy to use HTML5 based VNC console to easily access your VPSes console/desktop. VNC can be disabled/enabled if needed as well, see Disabling VNC on CrownPanel

2Factor Support

Further secure your account with 2Factor authentication!

VPS info